STEM Pioneers

This collection of approximately 200 interviews of prominent pioneers in science is a collaboration between The HistoryMakers ® and Carnegie Mellon University Informedia Project.

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STEM Organizations

As a STEM student or professional, there are many benefits of being involved in STEM professional organizations.

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Why Scientific Literacy?

Our society has an ever-increasing dependency on technology and the scientific knowledge that makes it possible.

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STEM Careers

The Scientific Literacy Center has a plethora of STEM careers and organizations that benefit undergraduate minorities for the benefit of knowledge enhancement in STEM career fields.

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About Us

pre In a study conducted by the Scientific Literacy Center on freshmen who declared science majors, half of these students scored 65% or lower on a scientific literacy test.  Students with a low scientific literacy score may not possess adequate STEM competencies required to be successful in a science major. The goal of the Center is to be a “one-stop-shop” for scientific literacy-related information for: all freshmen who are majoring in science, technology, engineering and mathematics high school students who are interested in majoring in STEM; and also college faculty members, high school teachers and counselors.