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Anatomical Sports

Document: Anatomical Sport Abstract: Your mission is to write a description of a sport or action, (such as kicking a soccer ball or riding a bike) using complex anatomical terminology. You must describe (NOT LIST) all body parts, directions, actions and sport equipment in descriptive terms. You may NOT give hints using the names of body parts or pieces of...

Human Fetal Growth Lab

Document: Human Fetal Growth Abstract:As an embryo grows into a fetus, size and mass are just two variables that will change over the 38 weeks.  Even though changes in size and mass do not occur at the same rate, an average mass and an average body length has been determined at various stages of development. From these two factors, an...

Skin Assessment Lab

Document: Skin Assesment Lab Abstract: Observe the color of the palm of your hand under normal conditions. Describe it in the chart below. Obtain a watch glass and press your palm firmly against the plate for 1 minute. Observe the skin through the glass and record your observations

Breathing Rate

Document: Breathing Rate Abstract: Oxygen is essential to life. We use the oxygen we breathe and the food we eat to produce energy. Physical activity increases our need for energy; increasing the use of oxygen and nutrients.The body can store some of the things it needs to function. However, oxygen cannot be stored for more than a few minutes at a time.At rest...

Mystery of the Bones

Document: Mystery of the Bones Abstract: In a quiet camping area known as Crystal Lake, four complete human skeletons were found in the mud when the lake began to dry during a drought. Detectives checked the missing person’s reports for people in the area and found that five people had disappeared from that area over the last 10 years.
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