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Energy Foldable

Document: Energy Foldable Abstract: Directions on folding and cutting paper on next page. On the front you have eight sections on each section put a different word: Motion/mechanical, Chemical, Nuclear, Light/electromagnetic, Sound, Electrical, Heat/thermal, Energy. Inside put the definition that matches each word.  Then you need to draw a picture for each word.  

Compounds and Solutions

document: Compounds and Solutions GRASPS Abstract: Please note that students should be exposed to compounds like calcium carbonate and sodium hydrogen carbonate but will only be required to name and write formulas for binary compounds. This is why the formulas are provided for the polyatomic compounds to students. 

A Day in Your Life with Energy

Document: Complete Unit 1 Overview_Organization-1 Abstract: Cells have particular structures that underlie their functions. SB1A All cells are composed of many different molecules that are organized into specialized structures that carry out cell functions. SB1C Multi-cellular organisms are formed as highly organized arrangements of differentiated cells. SB3bCellular processes of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells are similar in-spite of their structural differences. SB1a  
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