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Balloon Rocket Lab-Newton 3rd

Document: sub-atomic skittles Abstract: During this activity you and your lab group will be given a set of “oversized atoms” big enough to crack open and look inside. For each atom you must count up the different sub-atomic particles and fill in the information in the boxes below. You must use your reference tables and the key below to identify the...

Cooking Under Pressure

Document: Cooking Under Pressure Abstract: It is 6 p.m. and the Clarksons are preparing dinner for their friends, Carol and Steve. Ben is a truck driver and has been taking some night classes at a local community college for enrichment. Ann also leads a busy life, working two jobs. She has decided that tonight, in the interest of time, to try...

Unit 5 Physics Case Study

Document: unit 5 physics case study hearing_loss Document: unit 5 physics case studycell_phone Abstract: Why does grandpa ignore grandma?-Carla, a first semester graduate student in audiology, has noticed that her grandfather appears to be having trouble hearing what her grandmother says. Other people in the family can’ help but notice it too as it becomes a source of increasing aggravation and...

Unit 3 Physics Case Study

Document: Unit 3 Physics Case Study Abstract: In this case study, two students have been asked to conduct a “systems analysis” study to determine whether ethanol derived from corn or biodiesel prepared from soybeans is the more energy efficient alternative fuel. The students must investigate the two systems very broadly to determine all energy inputs and outputs. When the corn-to-ethanol system...
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