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Unit 3 Physics Case Study

Document: Unit 3 Physics Case Study Abstract: In this case study, two students have been asked to conduct a “systems analysis” study to determine whether ethanol derived from corn or biodiesel prepared from soybeans is the more energy efficient alternative fuel. The students must investigate the two systems very broadly to determine all energy inputs and outputs. When the corn-to-ethanol system...

The Fender Bender Case Study

Document: The Fender Bender Case Study-6 Abstract: John knew that his parents would be furious when he told them about the fender bender he just got in. But he was convinced that the accident was not his fault. Can John’s experiment prove to his dad that he was not to blame for the fender bender?

what’s it called?

Document: mitosis_meiosis_court_case Abstract: The Case of the Dividing Cell: Mitosis and Meiosis in the Cellular Court Part I—The First Day of Testimony  by Clyde Freeman Herreid  Department of Biological Sciences University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Apartment Housing Project

Document:Chemistry Unit 2 – Finding Patterns-1 Abstract: This unit, Finding Patterns, takes an inquiry approach to understanding the patterns of properties that exist among the elements. These patterns in properties are then linked to the wave-mechanics concept of atomic structure and the quantum atom. Beginning with isotopes and average atomic mass, as a way of understanding the importance of the...

Soapy Water

Document: Soapy Water Abstract: vYou have been an employee at Schultz-Johnson Water Treatment for seven years but recently promoted to the water treatment cohort.  The cohort is responsible for managing how the waste treatment plant removes environmentally harmful impurities, such as soap from waste water before returning it to the environment.  You’ve recently learned that soap has to react with...

Molecular Models

Document: Science Unit 3 (Revised)-2 Abstract: Unit three is Exploring Change, specifically bonds, energy, and reactions.  The change to be investigated will include indicators of chemical reactions as they relate to chemical bonding and energy changes. Chapters 7 and 8 cover ionic and covalent bonding respectively, while chapters 9 and 19 are the introduction to stoichiometry, chemical reactions. Again, a review...
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