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Molecular Models

Document: Science Unit 3 (Revised)-2 Abstract: Unit three is Exploring Change, specifically bonds, energy, and reactions.  The change to be investigated will include indicators of chemical reactions as they relate to chemical bonding and energy changes. Chapters 7 and 8 cover ionic and covalent bonding respectively, while chapters 9 and 19 are the introduction to stoichiometry, chemical reactions. Again, a review...

Graphing Periodic Trends

Chemistry Unit 2 – Finding Patterns-4 Abstract: This unit, Finding Patterns, takes an inquiry approach to understanding the patterns of properties that exist among the elements. These patterns in properties are then linked to the wave-mechanics concept of atomic structure and the quantum atom. Beginning with isotopes and average atomic mass, as a way of understanding the importance of the...

Radioactive Decay and Half Life

Document: Unit 3 Section 2 Energy Abstract: This unit introduces students to the topic of energy and the ideas of energy conservation. The students begin by developing understandings about the different forms of energy (i.e. Kinetic and Potential). Students then connect these concepts to develop an understanding about the law of conservation of energy. Furthermore, the unit provides the students...

Human Fetal Growth Lab

Document: Human Fetal Growth Abstract:As an embryo grows into a fetus, size and mass are just two variables that will change over the 38 weeks.  Even though changes in size and mass do not occur at the same rate, an average mass and an average body length has been determined at various stages of development. From these two factors, an...
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